About Carla Rainbow Skincare

Look younger and feel great again with revitalising beauty treatments from local skincare expert, Carla Rainbow.

About Carla Rainbow Skincare

Hi, I’m Carla,

I’ve worked in the beauty industry since 1998. For as long as I can remember – beauty was all I ever wanted to do. I really do feel like I’ve found my vocation working with the skin, and providing a service that helps improve people’s well-being and how they feel about themselves.
I first trained with Dermalogica products in 2002, then when I set up by myself in 2005 (formally Pure Nirvana), it was a given that I continued to use Dermalogica after seeing time and time again the fantastic results they provide.

I went on to become a Dermalogica skin expert after attending over 90 training classes at the International Dermal Institute.

But what is a skin Expert?

There are therapists and there are skin experts. Dermalogica’s Expert education program takes therapists to the next level by educating you on how to understand skin on a much deeper level. Then most importantly, showing you how to treat every skin concern, whether it be acne, sensitivity, ageing concerns, pigmentation or menopausal skin issues.

I really do love my job – especially treating the skin, and I believe my passion shows through in every treatment I perform. I have a constant desire to learn and I’m continually seeking education to arm myself with the latest knowledge. With this knowledge under my belt, it means I can help educate you on how and give you the confidence to achieve your healthiest skin ever.

“So relaxing and comfortable. Absolutely fabulous treatment. Would always recommend Carla as she is an expert in her field of work and utterly professional and friendly. Also so knowledgeable about products and so I always take her advice. Thank you Carla “


I initially tried an online skin mapping, but the results were unclear, which was confusing but Carla helped explain it all and was very informative. I came out of my appointment knowing my skin a lot better. She is also very professional, I was a bit anxious about going to my appointment bare faced, but she is very welcoming and friendly that I totally forgot about it. I’ll definitely be going back.

K. Kuti